Bootstrap Web Hosting Review

In case you are going to start your Bootstrap website and are looking for a good web hosting provider for it, I would definitely recommend you to check out BlueHost. It is an ideal web host for Bootstrap. I have been hosting with them my 4 WordPress websites since 2008 and recently I also started using them to host my new Bootstrap-powered website. All is running fine. Moreover, with BlueHost you can host as many websites on one hosting account as you wish for just $6.95 per month. Or you can choose the cheapest $3.95/mo. plan for one website.

BlueHost is a user-friendly web host. They have a nice cPanel that is really easy to use. You can install CMS software with just one click. The nameservers for your domain are always just these two: and They are really easy to remember.

Another BlueHost’s advantage is their customer support. They reply to support tickets pretty quickly. Moreover, if you need a really quick help, you can use the phone support or the live chat. I must admit that I have used the live chat support option several times and my problem was always solved quickly.

Also, if you consider going with a free web hosting provider, I really do not recommend you this. I have been there when I was starting my online business and I can say that even the best free web hosts are unreliable. For example, some of these companies will simply cancel your hosting account in case it does not reach a certain number of monthly unique visitors. So my advice is to avoid free hosting and rather pay a few dollars per month for a decent web host like BlueHost is.

You should definitely give BlueHost a try. I hoped I have helped you at least a little with my brief Bootstrap web hosting review and I wish you good luck with Bootstrapping!